Whether you have been suffering from chronic pain for years or are experiencing something new, we will work with you to find the cause of the problem and create a plan of action to help you find relief and heal. The goal of Chiropractic care is to restore good function to your nervous system translating into a better ability for your body to move, respond and withstand the demands you are placing on it.

Chiropractic care can assist with:

Back & Neck Pain
Muscular Pain
Disc Injuries
Headaches & Migraines
Nerve Pain & Sciatica
Shoulder stiffness & pain

Benefits of Chiropractic care

Chiropractors practice a natural, drug-free approach and are also trained to provide therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Chiropractic care considers your whole body as well as the impact your health concerns have on your overall health and wellbeing. Other benefits of our approach include:
100% drug free and surgery free, providing a gentle, natural approach
Works with other healthcare professionals, such as dentists, occupational therapists, medical doctors, counsellors, breathing coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists
Considers your state of health overall, and triggers your body’s ability to heal by addressing any underlying health concerns
Provides a thorough examination, taking into account any obstacles as well as current and previous concerns

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